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4 sustainability features you’ll experience at Pavilion

Sustainability shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why you’ll experience affordable green living at Pavilion. 

With energy costs rising and hotter summers on the cards, it’s obvious why many Aussies are turning to greener alternatives.

At Pavilion, sustainable design has been carefully factored into each apartment and into the communal spaces, meaning they aren’t just better for the planet, they’re also more comfortable to live in and enjoy.

Here are just a few of the sustainable features you can look forward to experiencing at Pavilion.  

  • De-centralised instantaneous hot water systems Gone are the days of running the shower, or the kitchen sink, for a few minutes to ‘warm up.’ These hot water systems are separate from the heating system and designed to warm instantly. A central system stores hot water in large amounts, while a de-centralised system only heats and uses what it needs. This can improve water and energy efficiency by up to 30 per cent.  

  • Rainwater harvest tanks to reduce landscape maintenance Put simply, rainwater harvest tanks collect rainwater from the roof and divert the water into a storage tank. This is then used to keep the gardens, plants and shared areas looking pristine. Because rainwater is free, a harvest tank reduces the cost of using town water and reduces the usage too. Typically, a rainwater harvest tank can collect about 80 per cent of the rain from a roof, which can then be re-used for landscaping.   

  • Cross ventilation and open-plan layouts  One of the main reasons we rely on air conditioning and fans is to keep things cool, which we all know is crucial for a Brisbane summer. However, if areas are designed consciously, we can use cross ventilation to keep areas cool instead. At Pavilion, we’re using open-plan layouts in the apartments and central corridors to improve natural air flow and ventilation. In turn, this design technique not only reduces the need for air conditioners but will also make our spaces more comfortable to live in.   

  • Induction cooktops  SMEG Induction Cooktops will be available as an optional upgrade at Pavilion and are certainly worth checking out. Induction cooktops aren’t just a cleaner alternative, they’re also more effective at heating your pots and pans than gas or electric. Induction cooktops have around 85 per cent efficiency, while gas is around 32 per cent efficiency, so you can expect to save more money on your power bills with this option. Plus, they’re a lot easier to clean than gas or ceramic cooktops.  

Nestled in nature, you can look forward to plenty of greener alternatives at the Pavilion The Residences with more than 700 square metres of landscaped gardens and the stunning surrounds of the Mimosa Creek nature reserve nearby.  

The residences have been designed by MAS Architecture Studio and interior design by Corner iD, and will be built in collaboration with construction partner CS Development Group,  

To find out more about Pavilion or register for priority access, visit


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