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International interior designer adds luxury touch to The Pavilion Residences

With over 20 years’ experience designing residential and high-end private developments, Helen McNally of Corner iD, is the visionary behind the stunning interiors in our latest release, The Pavilion Residences.   

Following her distinguished aesthetic that was brought to life at our previous project, The Addison in Taringa, Helen is once again bringing her attention-to-detail to Upper Mt Gravatt to create a truly luxurious interior experience.   

Combining her expertise and creative flair, Helen is all about creating functional yet opulent spaces.  


“I’m originally from the UK and started out my career in the luxury hotel sector designing hotel rooms, suites, public spaces and restaurants for hotels in London and across Europe,” Helen said.   

“I love residential design and contributing to the practicalities of someone’s everyday life in a positive way by means of creating functional and beautiful spaces.”  

The making of a masterpiece   

With stunning architecture created by Nick Symonds of MAS, Helen said inspiration came from every turn. 


“First and foremost, the inspiration was the architecture and its connection to the landscape,” Helen said.  “MAS has designed such a beautiful building it is hard not to be inspired by it!”  

“Nature also played a huge part in the design of the interiors; I drew inspiration from soft earthy tones found in timber and stone, and selected colours that embody the names of our colour schemes ‘Dusk’ and ‘Dawn.” 

Considered spaces 

Helen said the quality and investment in the building is second-to-none which helped kick-start the ideation process. 


“The building really sets the architectural tone, and the investment in design here is clear,” Helen said.   

“The interiors then take the ‘baton’ creating an interior experience that is considered, thoughtful and respectful to the surrounds by using tones and textures internally that reflect the external fabric and expressing joinery elements that speak to the architectural form.” 

Distinguished details 

With beautiful high ceilings in each apartment, Helen worked to highlight this space by utilising exposed vertical gables within the joinery design.   

Helen said The Pavilion has a unique take on a pitched roof to accentuate the building.  

“Traditionally vertical gables are concealed behind the joinery cupboard doors or drawers, however within the design for The Pavilion, they are celebrated as a feature,” Helen said.   

“This subtle design element is a point of difference within multi-residential design and reflects contemporary living without the interior design being divisive or intrusive, allowing the end user to imprint their own identity into each space.”  


Protecting the planet 

Sustainability is a key element to The Pavilion’s design with a focus on materials and technology.  

“The interiors are abundant in natural light whilst the interiors’ materiality works to reflect daylight reducing the need for artificial lighting.” Helen said.   For those looking for more sustainable options, induction cooktops and electric vehicle chargers are available as an upgrade. 


Spacious apartments, five-star amenities and landscaped gardens are just some of the exciting features on offer at the Pavilion Residences. Every day will feel like a nature retreat!  


To find out more about The Pavilion Residences, or to get in touch with the team, visit:  


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